City Express Group is dedicated towards contributing back to
the communities of Nepal.

Jacket Donation to “Manav Sewa Ashram”

City Express donates 1200 jackets to “Manav Sewa Ashram” as a corporate social responsibility.

Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

The well-renowned actors of Nepal, Mr. Sita ram Kattel and his wife Kunjana Ghimire loving known as the Dhurmus-Suntali couple are the brand-ambassadors of City Express Money Transfer (CEMT). The couple is equally famous for their acting skills as well as their philanthropic works. City Express Group openly supports any philanthropic work that focuses on building better lives and has financially assisted the Dhurmush-Suntali foundation situated at Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchowk, Mahottari and Rautahat. The foundation mainly works for the betterment of the victims affected by the disastrous Earthquake back in 2015.

Promotes general hygiene in public toilets of Pashupati Kshetra.

City Express Group promotes general hygiene in public toilets and has built sanitary latrines in the Pashupati Kshetra. Given the circumstances that most of the public toilets in Nepal are impossible to visit let alone deemed decent for use, City Express has also taken the responsibility on maintaining the built toilets on a monthly basis.

Donation towards
the poverty-stricken society

As the saying goes “Every act of kindness creates a ripple with no end”, City Express Money Transfer (CEMT) has initiated a wonderful act of good deed that is surely to be followed with numerous others. For each transaction made from Dubai to Nepal, an amount of NPR 20 is donated towards the poverty-stricken society of Nepal.

Donated in relief programs for Flood victims in Sindhupalchowk.

We aspire to make your life better and for this we are steadily working harder to help you out in times of happiness as well as despair. City Express has donated in relief programs for flood victims in Sindhupalchowk. We firmly believe that any corporate firm such as ours should be available for those in need and for this we are hopeful that are acts will be perceived as encouragement and a new beginning to a more considerate community.

Donated school supplies and funds to Bal Sarathi Sadan

We firmly believe that no child should be deprived of his/ her right to education. With the right kind of help, every child is one step closer to a future that they truly deserve. City Express has supported many underprivileged children of Bal Sarathi Sadan by providing ample school supplies such as school bags, stationery items and funds for basic refurbishment of the school.

Donated Dustbins
at Pashupati Premises

In addition to public toilets, City Express has also donated numerous dustbins in the Pashupati Kshetra with an effort to keep the holy
premises clean.