City Express Group is a group of
that has diversified businesses
in various sectors

City Express
Money Transfer(CEMT)

City Express Money Transfer (CEMT) is the leading face of the group that is competent in remittance. With over 7500 payout locations within Nepal and services catering worldwide, CEMT offers its services to people residing within the country as well as overseas.

City Tech

City Tech is a company comprising a team of Software Engineers, Artistic Designers and a top level of management specializing all well-known technologies. The company is positioned to offer services in verticals like banking and finance as well as horizontally in the areas of System development and integration, strategic business solutions and Consulting.

City Express
Finance Company Ltd.

Providing the financial solutions for individuals and their dreams, City Finance is an institution dedicated to help the growing economy of the nation. By lending a helping hand to ambitions, we create leaders for the changing face of Nepal.

City Express Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd.

Empowering local communities through collaborative use of available resources, City Saving and Credit aspires to build a strong and harmonious nation on the basis of locally empowered citizens with mutually beneficial connections.

City Connect
Travel & Tours

Connecting you to the communities of Nepal and beyond, City Express Connect Travel & Tours has been actively working to provide you with one of a kind travel experience. Merging our travelling expertise and your enthusiasm , we vow to make your trip a memorable one. We take pride in our exceptional ticketing services with wholesome travelling experience that can take you to any part of the world.

City Express
Trading & Concern

Building bridges between producers and consumers, City Trading and Concern aims to build a smart market more aware of their trade. In a fast moving trade market, City Trading and Concern directs the right product onto the right hands.

City Express

Securing the future by intelligent management of your investments. Careful management of assets to create an ever growing future for you, we diversify your investment options for better opportunities in the marketplace.

City Express
Investment Fund

City Express Investment Fund shows you the righteous path to invest your pooled capital into various financial institutions. An investment company that aims to manage and hold capital for investment purposes by providing any interested investor a variety of funds and investment opportunities.

City Express

City Express Foundation firmly believes in philanthropic activities that focuses in development of rural communities. With the aspiration of building communities together for better, we have been actively involved for many years in a variety of developmental works benefiting both the communities and people living in it.