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City Tech is a company comprising a team of Software Engineers, Artistic Designers and a top level of management specializing all well-known technologies. The company is positioned to offer services in verticals like banking and finance as well as horizontally in the areas of System development and integration, strategic business solutions and Consulting.

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truly deserve.

A class ‘C’ national finance company incorporated under the Act of 2063 licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank with highly supportive team of business personalities, proficient bankers, economists, chartered accountants and goal-driven individuals.

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so you don’t have to.

CEMT was incorporated under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies and licensed by the Central Bank of Nepal, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) to conduct money transfer service in Nepal. CEMT belongs to one of the prestigious Group of Companies, City Express Group which has diversified business across the country.

We help you make smart technical choices.

  • Deposits

    We cater to your every financial need. With multiple deposit options and savings accounts, banking is easy.
  • Loans

    We have been providing quick, hassle-free loan experiences for more than decade. With a team of professionals and a thorough process, we will help you with your financial needs.
  • Confidentiality

    Being associated with Nepal Rastra Bank, our customers have the liberty to deposit our issued cheque in any bank or financial institution or deposit their cheques in City Express Finance Company with zero complications.

    With our new NCHL- IPS service, funds can be safely and efficiently transferred between accounts of participating member banks and financial institutions. NCHL-IPS supports account to account payments and collection related transactions.
  • Remittance

    As a part of the same City Express Group, City Express Finance Company is in partnership with City Express Money Transfer (CEMT) so you don’t have to stray far for your remittance needs.

    City Tech is more than just a
    Technical institution. We offer smooth
    banking services
    that is beyond comparison.